Category: Testing and Assessment

Rod Hoevet, PsyD

Dr. Rod Hoevet is a clinical psychologist and is licensed to practice in Missouri. He has degrees from the University of Nebraska, Loyola University in Maryland, and the University of Denver.

Dr. Hoevet has treated many types of patients and problems in a range of settings, including:

college counseling centers
psychiatric hospitals
residential treatment
outpatient practices

He has expertise in working with adolescents and adults and is comfortable treating virtually any issue. He has  particular specialties in:

personality disorders

Dr. Hoevet is a strong believer in psychotherapy as a powerful mechanism to genuine and lasting change for a multitude of problems. His treatment philosophy and approach target the underlying causes of problems, not the symptoms produced by them. As such, therapy can be difficult, tiring, but also rewarding work as Dr. Hoevet aims to help the patient dig to uncover the complex, often well-established roots of the problems. …