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Free Counseling and Discount Rates Agape Intern CounselorsHave you ever wished you could go back in time and grab stock in companies like McDonald’s or Microsoft before they grew to what they are today? Or have you ever wished you were the first to discover a tranquil place before it became crowded and overrun with people?

This is your chance to experience highly trained counselors who have gone through a graduate level program, before they are able to charge full price. When you sign up for an Intern Counselor, you get quality professional counseling at an adjusted rate …or even for free!

Many clients have discovered wonderfully talented and caring people through our internship program. These clients and counselors have found both healing and success. Even the best and most brilliant therapists once began as interns.

To find out if you qualify for adjusted fee or free counseling, call our main office today! Or, click here to learn more about our Sliding Fee Scale, Insurance, and EAP options. 

Contact us at 314-994-9344

Graduate-level Counseling Students! Looking for a place to do your internship? Send your cover letter and resume to to be contacted for an interview. Click here for details.


26 thoughts on “Free Counseling & Adjusted Fees

  1. Hey I Would like to start counseling asap. I am going through a lot of family problems

    • I am sorry to hear that you are struggling, but the good news is we can help! We need to gather a little bit of information from you so that we can match you with a counselor. To get started, please give us a call at the main office at 314-994-9344 or you can contact us online by clicking here.

  2. I was wondering if I would qualify for free counseling. I don’t have any income.

    • Hello Kelly, Thank you for contacting us. We do have some free counseling for those with no income. We will need a little bit of information from you in order to match you with a counselor. Please give us a call at the main office, 314-994-9344, or you can fill in the form on the Contact Us page so that we can get a little more info in order to better serve you!

  3. I was referred to you guys for counseling. By chance do you guys accept insurance? How much is each session? Can someone please contact me?

    • Hello Amy, We do take most insurances! We would be happy to connect you with a counselor that takes your insurance. Your counselor will get your insurance info from you at the first session and check your benefits for you. Often, the “primary office visit” copay is the same copay insurance charges for a counseling session as well. To get started, please call our main office at 314-994-9344, or fill in the contact form on our website (click here), and we will connect you to a counselor that would be the best fit based on your info. Thank you!

  4. do you accept coventry gold insurance and what is the co pay. i am in need of some counseling.thank you

    • Hello, We do take Coventry. At your first session, the counselor will make a copy of your insurance card to send to our benefits office and they will find out for sure what your copay is. A lot of the time, your copay for counseling will be the “primary office visit” copay (usually listed on your insurance card). If you would like us to match you with a counselor who takes your insurance, please give us a call to speak with one of our intake coordinators (314-994-9344) or fill in our online contact form (click here), and we would be happy to assist you. Thank you!

  5. Just want to know if Medicare is an accepted Insurance for your company?

    • Hello Steven, Unfortunately, we do not have any counselors who can take Medicare at this time. However, we are working on getting some of our counselors on panel with Medicare. In the meantime, we would be very happy to discuss a sliding fee scale option with you. Feel free to contact us to discuss this further, by calling our administrative office: 314-994-9344. Thank you!

    • We can help with that! Please give us a call at the main office or fill in our contact page on the website (click here), and we will help you find a counselor that is a good fit for them. Thank you!

  6. I have several serious personal/deep issues that I need help with. I read the Bible daily – that is my only hope and guidance. I work full time evenings and am a single mother. I don’t know where else to turn to for hope or help. Is your organization under the HIPAA laws? I don’t know if my insurance will cover your fees. Ive been praying for God to help me and He has but the “gut-killing” needs haven’t been taken care of yet. I need something to give me hope or encouragement. I don’t have anyone or anywhere to turn for help. The 2 or 3 people who know me have no idea what serious devastating turmoil Ive been living in. I hope you can help but if not I will keep praying for something/someone anything who can talk to me and help me get my heart, mind and life in a good place again.

    • Hello, I am sorry to hear that you are having such a difficult time and I want you to know that there is hope. We can help. Please contact our main office to speak with an intake coordinator, 314-994-9344, or via our website contact page (click here). We will need to gather a little more information, and then we will match you with a counselor that can best meet your needs.

  7. Hello! I have recently have acquired a panic disorder. I don’t have insurance and can’t afford much at all but I’m looking for someone I can check in with maybe once a month or something for coping and understanding reasons. This is new for me and I’m trying to see what’s out there.
    I can do online counseling too. I was recommended to Kristy but I’m on a very tight budget. Thank you!

    • Hello Cherrill, We offer our sliding fee scale so that we can try to make counseling affordable for everyone. If you could give us a call at the main office, we can get a little bit more information from you and match you with a counselor that would fit both your financial and therapeutic needs. Please call us at 314-994-9344, or fill our our contact info form on the website by clicking (here).

  8. I have a few questions:

    1. I have very little income and by the time I’m done buying food for the week I have no money left over for anything else. How do I go about getting free counseling?

    2. Do you only counsel specific disorders? I have A.D.D., Anxiety, and Depression, all diagnosed.

    3. I am not a religious person, like at all. I am Agnostic, as in I don’t disbelieve, but I don’t pray, nor do I believe in prayer. Basically my thoughts are, “What if?” But I do respect all religions. Is this a problem? And would most of the advice given to me be along the lines of, “Just give your problems up to God.”, or “Have faith that you will overcome.”? Because this won’t work for me.

    Thank you for your time.

    • Hello Jessica, Not a problem! We offer free counseling through our intern counselors. The intern counselors are at the end of their Masters in Counseling programs, and during their internship they are supervised by one of our other counselors, as well as, a supervisor at their school. We do counseling for all types of disorders and issues, including, but certainly not limited to, A.D.D., Anxiety & Depression. While all of our counselors are Christians, we do not require or expect that all of our clients have the same beliefs that we do. Our policy is to provide professional counseling while respecting the client’s religious and personal values. The client determines when, how, and if biblical principles enter into therapy. All of our counselors have professional training and utilize many different modalities of treatment, such as CBT, DBT, Gestalt Therapy, Neurolinguistic Programming, and many others. If you have further questions that we can help with, or if you would like to be matched with a counselor, please contact us, either by phone 314-994-9344, or via the contact form on this website (click here). Thank you!

  9. Hi my name is Louise L. and I have been seeing strange things like I think they are real and I tell people , but they don’t believe me. I’m just wondering if you can email me or if I can set up an appointment with you? I live in redding California. Thank you so much.

    • Hello Louis, We do not have any offices in California, but it may be possible to set up some counseling via video chat. Please give us a call at 314-994-9344, so that we can get some more info from you to proceed. Thank you!

  10. I suffer from suicide headaches also called cluster headaches.. it’s pretty much like it sounds and listed as the most painful disease a person can have.
    Added to that are recent events that feel like too much to cope with..
    I don’t have any money only Medicaid and Medicare and my illness has me isolated at home so no one to speak with. However it must be a deeply Christian person who is mature and experienced..

    I don’t know where else to go

    • Hello Jim,

      Thanks for reaching out to us. I am sorry that you are suffering. We would be delighted to help you find a counselor that would be a great fit for your needs. Unfortunately, Medicare does not cover counseling at this time, and Medicaid only covers counseling for under 21 year olds. However, we do have a sliding fee scale that may go as low as $0, based on your income and number of people in your household. We will just need to gather a little bit more information from you in order to match you with a counselor. Please contact us via phone at 314-994-9344 or via the contact form on our website (click here), and we will be thrilled to help you get started.

      • I will call. Whenever I mention my financial status I never hear back from other counselors..
        Which makes me question how Christian they are.
        Thank you-

        • Well, that’s no good! We will be happy to help. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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