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masters in counseling internships Agape Christian Counseling Services St Louis MO

Agape offers practicums and internships for outstanding Graduate-level students who are pursuing a Master’s in Counseling. (Please note: we are not able to provide internships for bachelors degrees).

Practicum Student Program

As a practicum student at Agape, you will fulfill your Master’s Degree Practicum requirements, mainly by gaining experience in our Administrative Office, learning about the “behind the scenes” of running a practice. Responsibilities will include answering phones, learning about practice paperwork, completing phone intakes with potential clients, assisting with billing, etc. We ask that Practicum Students commit to at least 8 hours per week in the Admin Office, during ‘normal business hours’ for the duration of their practicum semester. In addition, Practicum Students may also have the opportunity to participate in Group Counseling facilitation and/or conduct counseling sessions with some of our clients, while under supervision of one of our Licensed Professional Counselors, as needed to fulfill requirements of their graduate program.

Intern Student Program

As an intern counselor, you will be representing Agape Christian Counseling Services and providing the same quality care to our clients that we promise from all other Agape counselors. Therefore, we are looking for students who strive for excellence and carry themselves with integrity and professionalism. In your internship here, you will fulfill the degree requirement of 300 hours per semester, with at least 120 hours of direct client hours per semester. While under the supervision of one of our Licensed Professional Counselors, you will gain experience conducting counseling sessions with clients, diagnosing and creating treatment plans, keeping proper progress notes, etc. In addition, you will be learning the basics of growing and managing a client caseload in a private practice counseling setting.

While our Practicums and Internships are not paid positions, we encourage you to treat it like a “real” job. Our program is competitive, and is viewed as a “trial period” to determine whether a student might be a good fit as an independent contractor in our team. Students who “dazzle” may have an opportunity to become contracted as a provisionally licensed counselor (PLPC), upon completion of their graduate program!

All potential Practicum or Intern Students must complete our application and interviewing process to ensure you will be a good fit for this program and that it is a good fit for you. The purpose of the application and interviews is for us to get to know you as a person, as well as a professional. If your application responses seem to indicate that you would be a good fit for this program, you will be contacted for a minimum of two interviews with Agape Leadership. Click below to complete your application for Practicum or Internship:

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