Resources: Articles, Therapeutic Topics, & Workshops / PresentationsWe at Agape Christian Counseling Services hope that these articles and presentations can serve as resources for you. Articles on this page will cover topics such as anger, marital conflict, adolescent issues, and others. As always, though, please give us a call at 314.994.9344 if we can further assist you or to set up an appointment.

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Therapeutic Topics


Workshops & Presentations

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  1. How can you learn more about your therapist before counseling with them? I don’t see anyone on Facebook to learn more about them. The list of therapists are basically just names to me.

    • Hello Gina, Thanks for asking. We believe it is important to choose a therapist that is a good fit for you! You can view bios of each therapist here: Please note that if ever you find that the counselor you have been matched with is not a good fit, we can gladly match you with someone else. Our intake staff is also happy to answer any questions you may have and help you choose the best fit therapist. They can be reached at 314-994-9344.

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