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The Emotional Consequences of Being Single for Women

AACC WORLD CONFERENCE BE STRONGpresented by Kelly Maxwell, PhD, LPC and Leonard Matheson, PhD, PsychologistSeptember 23-26, 2015

The number of single women has rapidly increased over the last four decades, while the value placed on marriage is increasing or remaining constant. More American women will spend their adult lives unmarried than married, which makes it vital that therapists understand the emotional experiences of never-married single women. This workshop describes the “ambiguous loss” of these women (given that the desired husband may or may not be found) and their perception of that loss (referred to as boundary ambiguity). It explores clinical implications and interventions, including how their Christian faith can be especially meaningful for single women who are navigating these challenges.

Participants will:

  1. Identify the constructs of ambiguous loss and boundary ambiguity and explore how these concepts are relevant to the experience of some single women
  2. Conceptualize a variety of factors associated with boundary ambiguity among never-married single women
  3. Apply clinically appropriate interventions to the challenges of ambiguous loss and discuss how the Christian faith uniquely speaks to these difficulties

Click below to download the power point presentation:

pdf icon copyEmotional Consequences of Being Single for Women



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