Empty Nest: Ambivalent Emotions

empty nest - no titleThis summer I watched a mommy bird build a nest in our back yard. Never before had I witnessed such a cycle of nature. This mommy bird was very nurturing and protective. Every day she sat on her little eggs with a watchful eye. When her babies hatched, she was faithful to care for them. She guarded them, she nourished them and she taught them. Then, as is God’s design, one day the nest was empty.

Empty Nest and Mixed Emotions

Like the mommy bird, as parents, we are nurturing and protective.…

Renew Your Mind: It’s All About Perception

By Donna R. King, MA, LPC

We are all wired differently in terms of how we perceive things.  However, it is true for all of us that the way we think about things, or our perception of things, has a direct correlation to how we feel about things, whether positively or negatively.  The Bible even emphasizes that our thoughts have a direct impact on who we are!  For as we think in our hearts, so shall we be (Proverbs 23:7).  Consequently, if we go through life always thinking negatively…

Ch Ch Ch Changes

by Darrell Provinse, MA, LPC, NCC, Director and CEO

Change is inevitable. Life demands change. To not change is to be static, to be static is to be stagnant, and to stagnate is death. Life, by definition, is dynamic and requires that we adapt and grow. To adapt, is to fail in order to thrive. This does not mean that change is easy, or even that it is welcome. Most, if not all, of us have a drive for comfort, and change frequently pushes us out of our comfort zone. As the song says, “Every…

Using Our Power to Facilitate Change

By JuJuane Easter-Hutchins, MA, LPC

Lately, I have found myself struggling with the mayhem occurring in our world and in our communities.  I am disheartened by the racial, socioeconomic, and other divides that exist; I am dismayed by the inequality that plagues our society.  Where have things gone wrong?  How can people feel justified in wrong doings against one another?  Why are hearts not convicted of wrongdoing?  Would such madness occur if individuals knew…

Sacred Conversations Workshop – January 31st


  • Are you looking for an opportunity to explore your feelings, thoughts, beliefs and behaviors in response to recent events involving racial interactions?
  • Are you interested in hearing and gaining understanding of the perspectives of others?
  • Are you ready for change, but unsure where to start?

    Sacred Conversations

    A workshop, facilitated by Agape Christian Counseling Services therapists JuJuane Easter-Hutchins

    Advice from the Therapist Vlog: Perfectionism

    September 2014 Vlog, Advice from the Therapist: Perfectionism

    This month, Therapist Zachary Sander, MA, LPC, CADC speaks on perfectionism and how affects our mental health and well being. Be on the look out each month for new installments of ‘Advice from the Therapist’ each month pertaining to guidance, services, and more!


    Hi this is Zachary Sander with Agape Christian Counseling Services with another installment of “Advice from the Therapist”.…