Humor: The Priceless Secret Weapon

There is something about the early morning hours that is appealing to me. The stillness of the day, listening to the aung-san-suu-kyi-quotebirds “wake up,” smelling the freshness of the air and watching the colors of the sky. Most of my energy is expended before noon. So imagine my dismay as a newlywed when my husband didn’t start moving till 11:30? You guessed it. Major Conflict. Honestly, how could I not know this before we were married?!? Now, all of a sudden, he sleeps until noon?!? Love casts …

How To Build Trust In A Relationship

By Darrell Provinse, MA, LPC, NCC, Executive Director

I don’t believe that you can live for very long on this planet without realizing that the fairy tale ideal of “Happily Ever After” is just that — a fairy tale. Broken people, in a fallen world, hurt each other, sometimes in big ways, sometimes in small ways. Sometimes, we relive or carry around past wounds from other relationships and import them into the present. Whatever the cause, I think most people, by the time…

The Only Way Out Is Through: Understanding and Embracing Relationship Fears

Understanding and Embracing Relationship Fears - no title picMany of our Agape articles embody a theme of embracing our core relationship fears and learning how to tolerate the undesirable emotions that come with them.  In order to move from self-judgment toward self-compassion, it’s important to understand our core fears, their origin, and how they impact our thoughts, feelings and relationships. This means we have to move toward the fear rather than avoid it. Once we acknowledge a relationship fear and move towards it, the fear…

New Beginnings: Rebuilding and Repairing Relationships

Merriam Webster Dictionary Definition of Rebuild

Couples frequently come to my office with relational injuries, wondering if their marriage can be repaired. Individuals and couples may feel there has been such damage and destruction in the relationship that any hope of making amends, repairing the damage, is hopeless.

Restoration and redemption in relationships is available through Christ.  As we enter this new year, I am led to encourage Agape readers that in Christ, all things are possible.  If you are having trouble…

Broken / Damaged Relationships Workshop

Broken Damaged Relationships Workshop

Broken and Damaged Relationships…

are an unfortunate part of our fallen world. At one time or another, we have all experienced damage in our relationships with our significant others, spouses, parents, siblings, friends, or children. At times, we have betrayed the trust of someone we love or have had our own trust betrayed by someone we love, but what happens when a pattern of distrust or betrayal is established? What can you do to rebuild after the damage has been done?

Advice from the Therapist Vlog: Perfectionism

September 2014 Vlog, Advice from the Therapist: Perfectionism

This month, Therapist Zachary Sander, MA, LPC, CADC speaks on perfectionism and how affects our mental health and well being. Be on the look out each month for new installments of ‘Advice from the Therapist’ each month pertaining to guidance, services, and more!


Hi this is Zachary Sander with Agape Christian Counseling Services with another installment of “Advice from the Therapist”.…