The “Height” of Perfection-ism… Is Fear

By Jessica Webb
Perfectionism, like conditional love, destroys feelings of worth – because, if we only  feel worthy when we have achieved perfection, we will only feel worthy one time in a thousand.Earl D. Wilson, The Undivided Self

When I volunteered to face my fear of heights for the #FaceYourFearsChallenge, I didn’t think very much about it. I was just thinking that we needed content to post on our website and our Facebook wall, that we would have some fun making …

Heights: It’s All About the Altitude

By Jessica Webb

For as long as I can remember, I have had a fear of heights. One vivid memory I have involving fear and heights is from a church trip I took to Buffalo, New York when I was in middle school. We went to a state park and one of the attractions of this park was the hiking trails and lookout points at the top of the cliffs. This park is advertised as the “Grand Canyon of the East”, so you can imagine how high up these lookout points are. Near one, there is a train track bridge that…

Swimming with Whale Sharks: Intern Counselor Faces His Fear

Agape intern counselor Geries Shaheen took a step towards facing his fear this past summer by swimming with whale sharks! Read on to hear his story…

“I grew up swimming in the Mediterranean Sea as a child. Many times I would walk up and down the shore on my own after school. I didn’t fear the ocean. One day while my grandparents and I were swimming, the pull of the sea yanked me very far. I had already been swimming at a distance from my grandparents. I couldn’t…

Claustrophobia: Face Your Fears Challenge

Meet Mary Singleton, a counselor at Agape Christian Counseling Services. Mary decided to challenge herself this month to face her fear of being enclosed in tight spaces, or claustrophobia. She made this video to document as she took a step towards overcoming that fear. Below is Mary’s account of the origin of her phobia and what she went through in order to make this video. Her numbered ratings are her level of fear or anxiety on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most afraid and…

Therapist vs. Clowns Videos

clown therapy st louis agape counseling

Sparkle (left), Charity (center), & Fussie Gussie (right). The clowns who so graciously donated their time to help shoot the videos and to help Brian overcome his fear.

Agape Christian Counseling Service’s therapist, Brian Meisenheimer, steps outside his comfort zone to face his own personal fear of clowns. After suffering from a very real phobia of clowns and masks for many years, Brian learned coping skills through several therapy sessions with another of Agape’s…

Coming soon: Therapist vs. Clowns video!

Brian Meisenheimer takes on his fear of clowns! See how this therapists steps out of his comfort zone to face his own personal challenge… coulrophobia (fear of clowns). Coming THIS Thursday to a YouTube viewer near you!

Special thanks to Agape’s dear new friends, professional clowns: Ruth Baker “Sparkles”, Rita Stull “Charity”, & Syd Vogt “Fussy Gussy”!



(click here to see the clown videos)