Holidays with an Eating Disorder

10 tips for navigating the holidays with an eating disorderThe holiday season is here! Almost all holiday parties and gatherings revolve around food and drink. Although this can be fun for many, it can be frightening for those with disordered eating. Creating a sense of safety around food and meal planning is essential experiencing a joyful season with family and friends. Evidence-based research has shown that if you are someone who struggles with an eating disorder, it is beneficial to navigate the holidays with the help of your treatment…

The Only Way Out Is Through: Understanding and Embracing Relationship Fears

Understanding and Embracing Relationship Fears - no title picMany of our Agape articles embody a theme of embracing our core relationship fears and learning how to tolerate the undesirable emotions that come with them.  In order to move from self-judgment toward self-compassion, it’s important to understand our core fears, their origin, and how they impact our thoughts, feelings and relationships. This means we have to move toward the fear rather than avoid it. Once we acknowledge a relationship fear and move towards it, the fear…

Anger: A Multifactorial Approach

by Darrell Provinse, MA, LPC, NCC, Director and CEO

anger multifactorial approach - lioness no wordsAnger. What is it?

Anger is a God-given emotion that gives us energy to protect someone else or ourselves, or to take action against an injustice. Anger itself is not wrong.  What we do with anger or in anger can be very wrong.  Anger can very often signal that something is wrong with us with our relationship, in our psychological life, emotional life, or thought life, etc.  Anger is a secondary emotion.  Underneath anger, …

15 MORE Books Recommended by Agape Counselors

As promised last month, here is another list of books that our counselors recommend. There are many books out there that our counselors recommend to clients regularly. Below are 15 of the books that are on the list. Click on the pictures to view these books on Book Store.


How We Love Book CoverHow We Love

by Milan & Kay Yerkovich

This book, based on attachment theory, helps people understand how childhood experiences have shaped the way they approach adult relationships. …

Fears & Things That Go Bump in the Night

by Carolyn Knarr, MSW, LCSW, Director of Children’s Therapeutic Services

Childhood fears are a normal part of growing up. Children who have vivid imaginations, or who have been exposed to circumstances or ideas that are beyond their understanding will be more likely to have fears. God gave us fears to keep us safe. For example, a child with a fear of fire would avoid playing with matches. A child afraid of heights will be more careful when hiking or exploring.

Fears change as …

The “Height” of Perfection-ism… Is Fear

By Jessica Webb
Perfectionism, like conditional love, destroys feelings of worth – because, if we only  feel worthy when we have achieved perfection, we will only feel worthy one time in a thousand.Earl D. Wilson, The Undivided Self

When I volunteered to face my fear of heights for the #FaceYourFearsChallenge, I didn’t think very much about it. I was just thinking that we needed content to post on our website and our Facebook wall, that we would have some fun making …