Anxiety can be triggered by major life stressors or by subtle experiences. It can be unpleasant, scary, and impairing to live with anxiety. Often, before we cognitively understand our anxiety, our body feels it with aches and pains.

Use the questions below as a self-reflective guide.

Do you…

  • have persistent anxiety or worry?
  • have difficulty controlling your worry?
  • feel restless, keyed-up, or on-edge?
  • feel easily fatigued?
  • have trouble concentrating?
  • feel irritable
  • Olivette

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  • 9378 Olive Blvd, Ste. 317, St. Louis, MO 63132

    The Olivette office is near Creve Coeur, MO. Located on the south side of Olive, east of hwy 270 / west of hwy 170, just past Dielman Rd. There is a Mobile gas station and a Walgreens across the street. The three story building is tan brick with the word “Premier” on the side. Our office is on the third floor.

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    South County

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  • 12122 Tesson Ferry Rd, Ste. 202, St. Louis, MO 63128

    Our South County office is east of Hwy 270 at the Tesson Ferry exit. We are across the street from Robert H Sperreng Middle School in a red-brick building with a green sign. The office is on the second floor which can be reached by elevator.

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    Lake St Louis

    1000 Lake Saint Louis Blvd, Ste 260, Lake St Louis, MO 63367

    From I-70, head south on Lake St. Louis Blvd. The office is on the south side of the road, between Haddock Lane and Rue Petite, across the street (caddy corner) from the Shell Gas Station. The large brown brick building has the number “1000” in gold at the top. Our office is on the second floor.

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