When Life Goes Off The Road

When Life Goes Off The Road - Byron Loy MA, LCPC

by Byron Loy, MA, LPC, LCPC, CRADC

There are times in life when no physical pain can compare with the emotional pain we feel from grief and loss. On a cold November night in Michigan, two days after I turned eighteen, I fell asleep at the wheel on my way home from roller-skating with my church youth group. I woke up as soon as my tires hit the gravel on the side of the road but I was unable to gain control and went off the road. My left arm went through the driver’s side window and dirt …

Teaching Your Kids Selflessness at Christmastime

by Carolyn Knarr, MSW, LCSW, Director of Children’s Therapeutic Services

That first Christmas night God knelt down and placed his newborn son in a small barn with no heat, no electric lights, and no red carpet welcome, just mice, straw, the chill of the night and the stench of animals. That is how much He loved us. That is the message of Christmas.

Fast forward over two thousand years. We stand as Ghosts of Christmas Future in the living room of an American home. Halloween is barely…