12 Tips for Parenting Your Teenager

12 tips for parenting teenager - no title picby Janet Kontz, MA, LPC
My teenager just doesn’t listen to me! They’re always on their phone, texting or playing games. They sleep all the time. They never want to talk to me, and when they do, it’s so sarcastic! Help!

Does this sound familiar? We often hear from parents of teenagers that they find it difficult to connect with their kids when they reach the adolescent stage of life. Many parents feel that this is the most daunting time to be a parent. Helping your…

Empty Nest: Ambivalent Emotions

empty nest - no titleThis summer I watched a mommy bird build a nest in our back yard. Never before had I witnessed such a cycle of nature. This mommy bird was very nurturing and protective. Every day she sat on her little eggs with a watchful eye. When her babies hatched, she was faithful to care for them. She guarded them, she nourished them and she taught them. Then, as is God’s design, one day the nest was empty.

Empty Nest and Mixed Emotions

Like the mommy bird, as parents, we are nurturing and protective.…

 A Hello From A Million Miles Away

a hello said a million miles away

by Dwain Sliger, MDiv, MA, LPC, CRAADC

This is the day the Lord has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it.Psalm 118:24

I want to start with a question: Do you greet the day or does the day greet you? What was your first thought? Maybe a little explanation on my part is needed by using an example: when the alarm clock sounds, some may think, “Oh, good morning!” Others may be more likely to change the emphasis and think, “Oh, good. Morning!?”

When I was stationed…

Empathy: The Connection Tool for Your Relationship Toolbox

empathy the connection tool for your relationship toolbox wide picIn previous articles, we have discussed some tools that help strengthen relationships.  Some of these topics have included tools for gaining a stronger sense of self, tools for confrontation and using your voice, tools for getting free of relationship gridlock, as well as tools for understanding the neurochemistry of the brain in committed relationships. Sometimes applying the tools to improve our relationships can be challenging. If you struggle with putting your relationship…