What is Sandtray Therapy?


Sandtray TherapySandtray therapy was created by Margaret Lowenfeld, who got her ideas from reading H.G. Wells’ book Floor Games, where Wells spoke of the use of miniature toys while he played with his sons on the floor. This technique was adopted by many others, including Dora Kalff, a Swedish therapist who modified Lowenfeld’s knowledge of the use of sand and miniatures according to Jungian principles, and named her technique Sandplay (Homeyer & Sweeney, 2011). Sandtray…

Sensory Processing Disorder in Children

By Teresa Weeke, MA, PLPC

*note: this article has been edited for readability, for the original, scholarly article, click here: Weeke Aug 2015 Original Article – Sensory Processing Disorder in Children

What is it?

Those who have Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), formerly known as Sensory Integration Dysfunction, experience sensory integration problems such that the input the brain receives from the senses does not match up with an appropriate response. Examples…

Technology & Your Kids: How to Set Appropriate Boundaries

by Carolyn Knarr, MSW, LCSW, Director of Children’s Therapeutic Services

Technology is a reality which is not going to go away. It’s imperative to teach children to make good decisions about technology, limit the frequency of its usage, and keep access to appropriate and safe content.

If parents see technology as the enemy, they will set themselves up for years of frustration and struggle with their children. Rather than viewing it as the devil incarnate, parents need …

Healthy Play Time for Developing Kids

By Carolyn Knarr, MSW, LCSW, Director of Children’s Therapeutic Services

Having been a child therapist for some time, I am amazed by the lack of time children spend playing with toys today, compared to 10 years ago. When I ask my young clients what toys they have at home and like to play with, often the only answer is video games or other forms of technology. Many spend hardly any time at all playing with toys. I understand the appeal of technology, as it is more portable, less messy,…