Just Love Yourself

Kathy, I want to transform my relationships with others this year. I want to be more patient, forgiving, and compassionate, have better boundaries and be more loving. How can I do this?


love yourself todayJust Love Yourself!

How can you demonstrate patience if you are not patient and kind with yourself?

How can you be forgiving if you are judgmental and unforgiving toward yourself?

How can you show mercy and compassion to others if you are critical of yourself?

How can you have healthy boundaries…

15 MORE Books Recommended by Agape Counselors

As promised last month, here is another list of books that our counselors recommend. There are many books out there that our counselors recommend to clients regularly. Below are 15 of the books that are on the list. Click on the pictures to view these books on Amazon.com Book Store.


How We Love Book CoverHow We Love

by Milan & Kay Yerkovich

This book, based on attachment theory, helps people understand how childhood experiences have shaped the way they approach adult relationships. …

Living Life Abundantly During the Holidays

We all know that Christmas should be a time of joy, but the reality for many is very different. The holidays can be a challenging season of managing thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Sometimes, family stresses can be greatly exaggerated and even become intolerable over the holiday period when everyone is forced to spend time together, trying to put the best behavior forward and trying to keep things cheerful. Sometimes needing approval for creating the “perfect Christmas”…

Adolescent Girls: The Transition from Childhood to Adulthood

By Megan Jung, MA, LPC

*note: this article has been edited for readability, for the original, scholarly article, click here: Jung Aug 2015 Original Article – Adolescent Girls

“Olivia, get the lead out of your pants and get a purpose,” Granny often barked at her sixteen year-old granddaughter. My friend and I laughed about her grandmother’s nerve and willingness to say what many others would not. Adolescent girls are dramatic and numb, tragic and over-simplifiers,…