The Power of the Cognitive Behavioral Approach to Stereotyping

by Mary Singleton, MEd, PLPC

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has been thinking about recent racial conflicts involving police officers and citizens.  We have all seen how an event, such as a police officer shooting someone, can inspire dramatically different reactions in people — reactions which often correlate to race and which elicit very different feelings and behaviors as a result of these thoughts.  Cultural messages and life experiences contribute…

Sacred Conversations Workshop – January 31st


  • Are you looking for an opportunity to explore your feelings, thoughts, beliefs and behaviors in response to recent events involving racial interactions?
  • Are you interested in hearing and gaining understanding of the perspectives of others?
  • Are you ready for change, but unsure where to start?

    Sacred Conversations

    A workshop, facilitated by Agape Christian Counseling Services therapists JuJuane Easter-Hutchins

    Praying For Our City

    Our heart breaks for those who are in mourning. We continue to uphold Ferguson and the metropolitan area in prayer. We are confident that the vast majority of our neighbors desire peace, healing, and reconciliation. Our counselors stand ready to assist in that process.…

    Advice from the Therapist Vlog: Perfectionism

    September 2014 Vlog, Advice from the Therapist: Perfectionism

    This month, Therapist Zachary Sander, MA, LPC, CADC speaks on perfectionism and how affects our mental health and well being. Be on the look out each month for new installments of ‘Advice from the Therapist’ each month pertaining to guidance, services, and more!


    Hi this is Zachary Sander with Agape Christian Counseling Services with another installment of “Advice from the Therapist”.…