Helpful and encouraging…

The entire encounter from the calming physical atmosphere of the waiting room to the expertise of [the counselor] was extremely helpful and encouraging.

Godly counseling and guidance…

Thanks to your godly counseling and guidance, I think that I am finally heading the right direction….I am sure that I will stumble again along the journey. But, I know that I can always call you for help!

Help for family…

God has worked powerfully through you in our family. Your godly counsel and friendship have been a true blessing.

I have had numerous opportunities to be…

I have had numerous opportunities to be involved with Agape Christian Counseling. The personnel there are professional, caring, and insightful. As I have applied our discusions to my life situations, I have received healing and have been able to proceed with my life from a more healthy place. It has been a blessing.

Perfect place to recover…

Agape Christian Counseling St. Louis | Testimonials

Counseling was the perfect place for me to recover from an unexpected divorce after a long marriage and (at the same time) my position being downsized at work. [You] provided insight, perspective, and wisdom from the word of God….Bottom line: very practical, very straight-forward, biblically-based, great counseling.

A Healed Marriage

One and a half years in to our marriage, my husband and I found ourselves in a place we never thought we would be possible…we didn’t even like each other! Both hurt and desperate, we consulted Agape Christian Counseling Services and began the journey to a healed marriage. We are thankful that our therapist spoke truth in love and grace every step of the way. We are thankful for this agencies commitment to to love those that they serve well. Going on 10 years!


The counselors and staff at Agape demonstrate the highest levels of competence and professionalism. They have a wide range of counseling experience and expertise to assist anyone in finding the path to healing. Highly recommended.


Agape Christian Counseling St. Louis | Testimonials Page

We are grateful…

Thank you for walking with us through such a vulnerable, difficult time in our lives. God has used you greatly in our hearts and marriage and we are grateful for your ministry to us and our family.

Encouragement, guidance, support…

Thank you so incredibly much for your insight, patience, kindness, encouragement, guidance, and support in my own life as well as my wife’s and our marriage. Your gifts as a counselor have blessed our lives.

Learned a lot…

My husband and I have said before that we wish we had known you under different circumstances. You’d be a neat guy to hang around with! As it is, we’re glad we’ve known you under the circumstances that we had. We learned a lot sitting in your office. Tomorrow we celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary!

Heard and understood…

We have been to four or five other marriage counselors…to no avail. The best word I can use to sum up the counseling I’ve received at Agape Christian Counseling Services is ‘effective.’ I have learned in a non-threatening way about my own issues…and how to grow through them. Thank you for teaching me the tools I can use to work through tough situations.


In this world, it is not often that one can find a place to feel safe and at peace. At Agape I find that I can have both. For that hour of time I can be free to talk to open up and to trust knowing that my therapist is fully there with me, that he has my best interest at heart. Going into counseling at Agape has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.

How to communicate…

As for my husband and I, we are still working hard at this marriage of ours. We say to each other every now and then that we are so glad we had our ‘fiasco’ before our son was born, so that we could learn how to communicate with each other better. That has kept us close together through all of this new baby–new parent ‘stuff.’ 

…but God is good!

Just wanted to let you know all is well with us and we miss you. I will never forget how much you meant to us in a hard time. You are a blessing…Life can be difficult still but God is good!

How sweet it is…

My husband and I use our new communication techniques often, and are satisfied with results…oh how sweet it is to be able to control your situations!


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  1. Ms. Payne has been a godsend. I may not be here if it wasn’t for her counseling. She is very dedicated and extremely helpful. Thanks Agape

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