Bob Vass, MEd, LPC, NCC

Independent Contractor

Bob Vass works with individuals, families, and couples. He works with all ages, from ages 5 to 95. Having counseled the blind, Bob specializes in helping those with disabilities and special needs. After teaching high school for 33 years, Bob enjoys working with older teens as well as younger adolescents. Bob’s marriage to his wife of over 40 years forms the basis of what it takes to have a successful marriage relationship.

Bob’s experience includes not…

When Life Goes Off The Road

When Life Goes Off The Road - Byron Loy MA, LCPC

by Byron Loy, MA, LPC, LCPC, CRADC

There are times in life when no physical pain can compare with the emotional pain we feel from grief and loss. On a cold November night in Michigan, two days after I turned eighteen, I fell asleep at the wheel on my way home from roller-skating with my church youth group. I woke up as soon as my tires hit the gravel on the side of the road but I was unable to gain control and went off the road. My left arm went through the driver’s side window and dirt …